Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Model Behavior?

My SIL Julie and I decided to try and get a picture of all four cousins while they were in town for Christmas. This makes a slam dunk gift for Nana (even though she insists on paying for it every year)! Unfortunately, two mobile one year olds and an evening appointment doesn't make for great photos. It seemed that three out of four was the best we could do in most shots.

Sydney wins the prize for most challenging! She simply didn't want to stay put. She did much better once we got a chair.

Owen seems to think the camera is off to the side.

Owen seems to still be having a bit of a smiling issue as evidenced here. After talking about it and getting frustrated while taking pictures a couple weeks ago, I'd decided that he simply didn't know how to force a smile. He'd ask me, "Is this a nice smile?" Of course, it wasn't, so we practiced with a mirror and quickly discovered how to make a nice picture smile. Sadly, he's relapsed!

Here, they've just plain all lost it and
are starting to fall apart!

This one was the best we could get!

I think the close-ups turned out the nicest. I can't believe that my baby is nearly a year old. Sigh.


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