Saturday, October 11, 2008

Guy Smiley

I love digital cameras. It is so nice to be able to snap away without hesitation, download dozens of pictures, only to immediately delete more than half of them. I often hear that I take exceptional pictures, but I don't. I take an exceptional amount of pictures.

Owen has what I can only assume is a genetic disorder that renders him unable to smile nicely and naturally for pictures. I say it's genetic because GG and my dad seem to be afflicted as well (I may too, but we'd never know, because the fat lady feels much safer behind the camera). I try and delete the non-keepers from my computer, but a few fall through the cracks. Here's a montage of Owen at his not-so-best. I can share these without guilt because I've also shared many wonderful pictures of his bright smile.

From Untitled Album

and here, my personal favorite...
From Untitled Album



Hysterical, Megan!! This is classic!

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