Friday, October 17, 2008

Five Generations

For 17 years my family has had five generations on this earth at once! When my cousin Beth had Amara, she made it five generations of mothers and daughters. Can you imagine all the wisdom, heartache, tears, joy and love that's spanned nearly a century? Granny, the matriach that started it all and the woman my mother's named for (my mom's name is Lois, not Granny, in case you were wondering) is 98 years old. And as she told my cousins when they visted this summer, "Her time is nigh." My cousin Stacy managed to convery how the whole family feels in a prayer request email today,

There are some people we feel should just be part of our lives forever - and today I am so thankful for God's promise of eternity. My Granny is 98 years old and my family has counted on her love and wisdom and the knowledge that she prays without ceasing for each and everyone of us, every day of her life. These past few days as the phone calls and emails have gone back and forth advising all of us of her failing health, 98 years just doesn't seem long enough. We know she longs to be with our Lord, but oh how selfishly I would wish to keep her always here with us.

Please pray for my Great-Aunt Elaine as she cares for Granny and makes arrangements with home health care and hospice. And praise the Lord for the wonderful church family they have in Colorado Springs that are doing so much for both them. Please pray for my Grandma in TX as I know it is difficult for her to be so far away from her mother as all of this is happening, your mom is your mom no matter what your age.

And if I haven't told you lately, I am blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,

We love you Granny!
The photo above is of Hannah and Granny.


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