Saturday, September 13, 2008


From Untitled Album

I loved overalls on Owen because they made him look like such a little boy. On Corbin, the overalls are breaking my heart for the same reason! He's spent all summer in a onesie with bare feet and legs, and with the change of an outfit, went from baby to boy. Sniff.

And speaking of bare feet, I tried to put shoes on Corbin today. He's already into a size 4! At least that's what I think he'd wear if I could get them on his feet. I tried, literally, for 10 minutes to get his feet into the shoes. I think I'll need to use a shoe horn. I guess the size 4s will join the 0-3s that never were worn this time around, and we'll try again when it's too cold to go with just socks (or he's walking, whichever comes first). For now, barefoot it is. This is Kentucky, after all.


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