Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Two Nipples and a Nubbin

Owen is a boob man. He breastfed for 26 months, his mother has boobs bigger than his head and he's a mama's boy- he just can't help but be a boob man. (I won't even go into the time he went to the "Boobie Store,"aka Hooter's, after a baseball game with Scott and his friends. Anyway, he has always been real interested in Corbin's nursing (BTW- Corbin only nursed for 6 months- I've decided he'll be a leg guy). When I was nursing he often asked me about my "nibbles." Apparently nipples=nibbles because babies "chew" on them. That's while I was nursing Corbin, not Owen, that he asked. While he was talking at 26 months, his vocabulary did not yet include nipples (although it probably did include boobie).

Owen also has a third nipple, and he appreciates it as only a mammary connoisseur can. He will gladly show you what he refers to as his "Ubbin." (Remember the Friends episode where Chandler had a third nipple he called a "Nubbin"?)

Now don't think he's got something freaky or gross. For four years I thought it was a birthmark. It's just a faint discoloration about three or four inches in line below his right nipple.

At his 4 year check-up, the pediatrician declared "Oh look- he has a third nipple." He continued to tell us how common that is and how 1 in however many people have one, but I paid no attention because I all I could hear was the singsong "Chandler has a nubbin" playing in my head.

My baby has two nipples and a ubbin. Sigh.



So does he like nemo? No, maybe?


He likes Nemo, but Lightning McQueen reigns supreme in this household. The swimmies and the trunks just both happen to be Nemo.

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