Friday, August 22, 2008

Super Friends

When Owen started Montessori last fall and joined forces with a sweet faced boy named Brando. He had two best buddies at school and I joked that while one would say "Hey Owen, let's run really fast into the wall and see what happens," Brando would say, "Hey Owen, let's use the scissors and glitter and make cards for our mommies." When their school closed this spring, they went to different schools.

Here they are one week later, reunited for Brando's 3rd birthday. They were very cute together. Brando also has a baby brother just a month younger than Corbin, and they like to compare Big Brother stories. I really need to set-up a play date for them!



M - did YOU make those capes? If so, you MUST email me directions!!!

They are DARLING!


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