Monday, August 11, 2008

Crackers, Chalazions & Camoflauge

My baby is seven months old! He doesn't let the fact that he's toothless stop him from wanting to eat everything. So far he's pretty happy with Cheerios and graham crackers, but he eyes every piece of food in sight. I've decided to not create another picky eater and have started feeding him bits of smashed food off my plate.

Keep Corbin in your prayers- we go back to the Children's cardiologists on Monday to see if he's ready to be weaned off his Digoxin. We haven't noticed any incidents of SVT (super accelerated heart rate) in a long time and hope we can put this all behind us.

Owen was sick this weekend. There's not much more pathetic than your little one vomiting. He wakes up from complete sleep to puke in bed (our bed, of course). Unfortunately, when everyone sleeps in one bed, everyone is out of a place to sleep when you go through all three sets of sheets during the night. (Why are king size sheets so expensive?) We spent much of Saturday night sleeping on various pieces of furniture in the living room.

If his eye looks a little red and swollen, it's because he had a chalazion. Never heard of it? Me neither. Essentially it's a cyst or clogged duct inside his eyelid.

When our kids do crazy things like throw on the closest pair of shoes when only wearing camoflauge underwear in order to run outside when Dadu is doing something fun, what do we do? Take pictures, of course. I'll file this one under Malfunctioning Wardrobes. I could fill that category with dozens of Owen photos!


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