Saturday, August 2, 2008

Flat Junior and the Griswolds Go to Omaha

I am from Omaha. I moved to Northern Kentucky seven years ago before Scott and I got married. My parents followed me to greater Cincinnati and settled in Bethel, Ohio right before Owen was born in 2004. Will is currently stationed in Tucson, Arizona and Grandma (now called G.G. for Great Grandma) is still in McAllen, Texas. We all decided to descend on Omaha and the end of July.

G.G., Will, Heather and Nate made the smart choice to fly. Now my Dad (known as Popper) has recently bought a camper so large he needed a bigger truck to pull it. It is a full size cab truck and his greatest fantasy was for my parents and the four of us to go trucking down the road together. My gut said no, my head said no, my sanity said no, but as gas prices climbed, Scott and our budget said yes. So we all piled in and off we went!

But it wasn't just the six of us- we brought along a guest and made him ride in the camper. Did I mention that we call the camper Cousin Eddie after Randy Quaid's character in National Lampoon's Vacation? Anyway, Scott stumbled across life-sized cutout of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. the day before we left on vacation. Remember Flat Stanley, the little boy cutout that school kids sent to friends and family out of town to learn more about the world? Well we took Flat Junior to Omaha. We didn't take as many pictures as I thought, as he's a pretty tall guy and more than a little awkward to haul around! And we usually had a carful of passengers, so we pretty much took pictures on the way there and at Steve and Bobbie's house.

The trip wasn't as bad as any of us thought it would be. It took us twice as long to travel with the extra weight (the camper, not the passengers- or maybe it was both). Plus we had to stop every three or four hours to change Corbin's diaper and let him move around a bit. We slept overnight in the camper on the way there and back, and it really did make things nice.

We had a great time visiting family and I will be posting more stories and pictures soon.


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