Saturday, August 2, 2008

Corbin's Crawling!

Corbin started crawling while we were on vacation in Omaha (more on that trip later). We were at the Omaha Children's Museum and decided he needed a break from the stroller and took him into the infant area. He'd been spoiled all week by G.G., Bobbie, Hannah, Mimi and other family members that were soaking up all the baby sweetness they could and hadn't spent much time on the floor all week. I knew he was close to crawling, so I stepped away to get the camera out of the diaper bag. Corbin followed me! Now, of course he didn't make it far, and his little hands came so high up in the air before he planted each one if front of him that it looked funny, but he made effortful forward movement without his belly on the floor.

Here is the video I took once I got the camera out.


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