Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sing It, Owen!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Chin Up Corbin!


Corbin's entire days are spent standing, trying to balance, falling, crying and then standing again. I am confident that in this picture he just fell after standing at the couch and is crawling to try and stand at my legs.

Super Friends

When Owen started Montessori last fall and joined forces with a sweet faced boy named Brando. He had two best buddies at school and I joked that while one would say "Hey Owen, let's run really fast into the wall and see what happens," Brando would say, "Hey Owen, let's use the scissors and glitter and make cards for our mommies." When their school closed this spring, they went to different schools.

Here they are one week later, reunited for Brando's 3rd birthday. They were very cute together. Brando also has a baby brother just a month younger than Corbin, and they like to compare Big Brother stories. I really need to set-up a play date for them!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blue-Eyed Boys

Monday, August 11, 2008

Crackers, Chalazions & Camoflauge

My baby is seven months old! He doesn't let the fact that he's toothless stop him from wanting to eat everything. So far he's pretty happy with Cheerios and graham crackers, but he eyes every piece of food in sight. I've decided to not create another picky eater and have started feeding him bits of smashed food off my plate.

Keep Corbin in your prayers- we go back to the Children's cardiologists on Monday to see if he's ready to be weaned off his Digoxin. We haven't noticed any incidents of SVT (super accelerated heart rate) in a long time and hope we can put this all behind us.

Owen was sick this weekend. There's not much more pathetic than your little one vomiting. He wakes up from complete sleep to puke in bed (our bed, of course). Unfortunately, when everyone sleeps in one bed, everyone is out of a place to sleep when you go through all three sets of sheets during the night. (Why are king size sheets so expensive?) We spent much of Saturday night sleeping on various pieces of furniture in the living room.

If his eye looks a little red and swollen, it's because he had a chalazion. Never heard of it? Me neither. Essentially it's a cyst or clogged duct inside his eyelid.

When our kids do crazy things like throw on the closest pair of shoes when only wearing camoflauge underwear in order to run outside when Dadu is doing something fun, what do we do? Take pictures, of course. I'll file this one under Malfunctioning Wardrobes. I could fill that category with dozens of Owen photos!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Amara Genevieve

Amara is the daughter of my cousin Beth who lives in the Minneapolis area with her husband Janos. She turned one in March and they are expecting new baby Sonja this fall. Amara is a girl of few words, but got along beautifully despite being thrust into a week full of relatives she'd never met! She even let Owen feed her strawberries.
Between all the cousins' younger children (4 and under), there were five boys and Amara. She seemed to be quite even tempered, and was probably the only child I never saw cry. I think we need to watch out for this one, because she takes everything in quietly and will probably be bossing all these boys around in no time!

Nathan Zane

Meet my nephew, Nate. He is Will and Heather's son and turned one in April. We got to spend a week with him in Omaha, and he is one busy little boy! He is curious about the world around him and keeps his mom and his dad chasing after him. I can't believe that Corbin will be running around this much next summer!

We look at Nate one time and think he looks just like Will (I personally think it's the red hair). The next time you look at him, he's the spitting image of Heather. But my mom has always said that Will and Heather look like siblings anyway!

Nate is definitely a dog lover. He has a golden retreiver at home, and latched right onto Hunter, Bobbie and Steve's burly hunk of dog.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Two Nipples and a Nubbin

Owen is a boob man. He breastfed for 26 months, his mother has boobs bigger than his head and he's a mama's boy- he just can't help but be a boob man. (I won't even go into the time he went to the "Boobie Store,"aka Hooter's, after a baseball game with Scott and his friends. Anyway, he has always been real interested in Corbin's nursing (BTW- Corbin only nursed for 6 months- I've decided he'll be a leg guy). When I was nursing he often asked me about my "nibbles." Apparently nipples=nibbles because babies "chew" on them. That's while I was nursing Corbin, not Owen, that he asked. While he was talking at 26 months, his vocabulary did not yet include nipples (although it probably did include boobie).

Owen also has a third nipple, and he appreciates it as only a mammary connoisseur can. He will gladly show you what he refers to as his "Ubbin." (Remember the Friends episode where Chandler had a third nipple he called a "Nubbin"?)

Now don't think he's got something freaky or gross. For four years I thought it was a birthmark. It's just a faint discoloration about three or four inches in line below his right nipple.

At his 4 year check-up, the pediatrician declared "Oh look- he has a third nipple." He continued to tell us how common that is and how 1 in however many people have one, but I paid no attention because I all I could hear was the singsong "Chandler has a nubbin" playing in my head.

My baby has two nipples and a ubbin. Sigh.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Healthy Reception?

I realized that the comments section wasn't allowing most people to leave messages. Although no one probably even noticed, I made some changes and now even old Anonymous can post comments.

I can't post without a picture, so here's one I have on my work computer. Owen got very sick the night Corbin was born and spent the next several nights vomiting and hacking all over his grandparents' houses. After not seeing him for five days, I cried until Scott agreed he could come home. We stocked up masks, gloves and gowns from the hospital so "Dr. Owen" could greet his brother with as little contamination as possible (More on that later).

In the Blink of an Eye

It seems like we got lost in the routine of day to day, and suddenly our kids aren't babies any more. I can't believe Owen will be going to Kindergarten next year. On vacation I was amazed to see how much my cousin's daughter Hannah had grown up. I can remember the day she was born, holding her, playing with her, buying her cute little outfits and buckling her into my convertible and driving off (OMG- who let me drive off at 19 with a toddler in my car)! I was amazed to see that Hannah Banana is now a young woman. Now I know, "young woman" makes you think of a grainy school film that attempts to explain periods and the growing need to use deoderant. Anyway, what struck me the most was her voice- she doesn't sound like a child, and at nearly 17, she isn't. She has become a beautiful, funny, smart and caring "young woman."

And she loves sushi- yuck! We took her to Mt. Fuji Inn and she ordered a great big platter of sushi, complete with octopus. And she ate every last stinky piece and loved it!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Corbin's on the Pit Crew too!

How can that face not make you melt?

Super Pit Crew Baseball Owen!

Flat Junior and G.G.

Looks like Junior's got G.G. a little flustered!

Flat Junior and Will

Dad started watching Nascar again after someone pointed out that Will looked like Dale Junior. He likes to "ride along" with Junior with the Nascar In-Car camera. I tease him by reminding he's not tagging along with Will, that it's a man he's never met. Here's Will posing with Flat Junior- see any resemblance?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Flat Junior and the Griswolds Go to Omaha

I am from Omaha. I moved to Northern Kentucky seven years ago before Scott and I got married. My parents followed me to greater Cincinnati and settled in Bethel, Ohio right before Owen was born in 2004. Will is currently stationed in Tucson, Arizona and Grandma (now called G.G. for Great Grandma) is still in McAllen, Texas. We all decided to descend on Omaha and the end of July.

G.G., Will, Heather and Nate made the smart choice to fly. Now my Dad (known as Popper) has recently bought a camper so large he needed a bigger truck to pull it. It is a full size cab truck and his greatest fantasy was for my parents and the four of us to go trucking down the road together. My gut said no, my head said no, my sanity said no, but as gas prices climbed, Scott and our budget said yes. So we all piled in and off we went!

But it wasn't just the six of us- we brought along a guest and made him ride in the camper. Did I mention that we call the camper Cousin Eddie after Randy Quaid's character in National Lampoon's Vacation? Anyway, Scott stumbled across life-sized cutout of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. the day before we left on vacation. Remember Flat Stanley, the little boy cutout that school kids sent to friends and family out of town to learn more about the world? Well we took Flat Junior to Omaha. We didn't take as many pictures as I thought, as he's a pretty tall guy and more than a little awkward to haul around! And we usually had a carful of passengers, so we pretty much took pictures on the way there and at Steve and Bobbie's house.

The trip wasn't as bad as any of us thought it would be. It took us twice as long to travel with the extra weight (the camper, not the passengers- or maybe it was both). Plus we had to stop every three or four hours to change Corbin's diaper and let him move around a bit. We slept overnight in the camper on the way there and back, and it really did make things nice.

We had a great time visiting family and I will be posting more stories and pictures soon.

Corbin's Crawling!

Corbin started crawling while we were on vacation in Omaha (more on that trip later). We were at the Omaha Children's Museum and decided he needed a break from the stroller and took him into the infant area. He'd been spoiled all week by G.G., Bobbie, Hannah, Mimi and other family members that were soaking up all the baby sweetness they could and hadn't spent much time on the floor all week. I knew he was close to crawling, so I stepped away to get the camera out of the diaper bag. Corbin followed me! Now, of course he didn't make it far, and his little hands came so high up in the air before he planted each one if front of him that it looked funny, but he made effortful forward movement without his belly on the floor.

Here is the video I took once I got the camera out.

First Blog

Ok. I surrender. I must give in and join those who blog. I spend my computer time regularly checking the blogs of those I know. And I am so bad about keeping friends and family updated with the latest news and pictures, so maybe I can reach everyone with a daily (or somewhat daily) electronic love note.

Now I have to decide what's newsworthy and interesting and what's just interesting to me!

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